Does Reiki or theta Healing Work Better?

Does Reiki or theta Healing Work Better?

And whether or not it’s for emotional or physical healing, there’s no simple answer. So, however does one add up out of what’s the most effective style of energy healing for your specific needs? The best way to approach the topic is to debate the advantages of each Reiki Healing and Theta Healing, dig into what everyone offers what downsides is also at play so help you draw your own conclusions.

Remember, there’s no pat answer — and also the best answer is, “it depends”.  It depends on your temperament to permit each technique to do their job, enabling you to bring harmony inside your body. Using targeted meditation techniques, a Theta Healing practician can work with you to assist facilitate powerful transformations in your life. Each energy healing ways however each uses a distinct approach.

In each cases you’ll most likely wish to use a healing practician, so the key’s to find one with whom you are feeling comfy. You’ll realize that the rebalancing of the chakras in Reiki conjointly works to assist with emotional issues, influencing each mind and spirit also.

Theta Healing therapy will facilitate with relationships, money issues, personal growth and a number of different problems additionally to health issues. cite your health considerations, and raise however theta Healing will create a difference.

For each Reiki and Theta Healing, don’t limit yourself to physical problems or conditions. There has been a great deal of discussion and debate over that past many years on whether or not Reiki or theta healing works best. establish however long they’ve been active in their several field, what you’ll expect during a treatment session and the way they will specifically facilitate together with your explicit health problem or concern.

For Reiki practitioners, ask what level of Reiki they’re, as there is up to four levels of coaching — and the majority say that a practician who is a minimum of A level II practician is that the one to use. Review client comments or testimonials to induce a condole with the practician and realize one that you just suppose would be a snug match.

For Theta Healing practitioners, you wish to conjointly find somebody you are feeling comfy with, either by asking direct queries of by reviewing their client comments and testimonials. Once trying to find a practician, raise queries.

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