Karisma came to me with the issue of depression. The issues started 2 years back causing her a great deal of anxiety & disinterest in life and work. We set up a constellation with 2 elements in the constellation matrix & one element was representing Karisma and the other depression. The element representing Karisma reported that she felt all alone & a lot of anger for her mother and also a very strong thought of suicide.

She felt she was not approved by her parents. The 2nd element which represented the depression was the mother who felt heaviness in her chest & she felt disconnected with the child. The representation of the mother stated that she wanted a son. It was later reported that the mother had an abortion just before the birth of the client who was suffering from depression. The energies of this foetus was released by stating truth statements & the client’s representative felt the shift in the energies.

As the whole story was discovered Healing movements were supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in the victims, suggested new and more conscious behaviors, and found healing sentences for the prosecutor to say in order to show remorse and the victims found forgiveness in their hearts.

All aspects of one’s life are interconnected in a mysterious way and one never knows which unhealed part could get triggered. Even though the concern here was about Karisma’s depression, it was guilt and rejection in her personal life that was blocking her happiness.

 This was followed by a 2nd constellation.

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