Does My Past Life Influence or Affect My Present Life?

Does My Past Life Influence or Affect My Present Life?

Yes, to understand how and why it happens. Death is a process of giving up of the old body and entering the new body. So, the soul along with its subtle body enters the new gross body made from the ingredients supplied by mother.

So, outer body can be compared to the shirt. You can only purchase a new shirt only with the amount of money you have or earned. Similarly you get the new body accordingly based your good actions you perform in previous life.

  1. Hence everyone has different mind-set which is carried over from past many lives to this life with various impressions, so that will affect your present life.
  2. Everyone has different levels of intelligence developed over many lifetimes which also effects this life.
  3. Everyone has different ego which you can observe.
  4. Every one faces different reactions based on their actions in present and past lives.


But, one good thing is we can make up all the short comings we have and can mould our future based on how we live today. Like degrees or material education obtained in this life can earn your Daily bread and future career in this life. Spiritual education can help you have bright career after this life.

When you die, it’s like drifting off into a long sleep. You have dreams, which can be quite vivid and involve things that happened in your life. If you have really strong religious beliefs, you might spend some time in an afterlife. The Christian afterlife can last for a very long time.

But inevitably you’ll get reborn. It’s just like waking up in the morning, only you don’t remember anything and you have a new body. You’ll eventually forget everything about your old life and proceed anew into the new one. Your personality, interests, and character will be very similar to your last life, because you will be essentially recreating all of that in your new body. Only your memories are gone. You didn’t need them anyway.

Your present is up to you. If you dwell upon the past then you will stay in the past and your cycle will never end. Your past is done, it’s completed and stored away in the archives of hearsay. Let it be where it is. Unless you need to, there is no need to worry, just keep moving forward.

So yes, your past life does influence your present life, only if you can’t let it go……

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