Does Learning About Your Past Life Really Help?

Does Learning About Your Past Life Really Help?

A Past Life Regression uses hypnotherapy that is used to heal and transform the root causes of physical disease and entrenched emotional issues and patterns. Past life regressions can help us connect with our souls — to get answers about our relationships, career aspirations, fears, desires and even life purpose at large.

Past life regression therapy online is based on a belief of reincarnation, namely that your soul is eternal and indestructible. Held by some cultures and spiritual traditions, it is believed that your soul evolves lifetime to lifetime in different bodies to grow and learn so that you, ultimately, fully embody and realize that you are a spiritual being.

The second belief of past life regression is karma, the spiritual principle of cause and effect, in which your past experiences, thoughts, and actions directly impact your present and future. While it is commonly understood from psychology that our parents, childhood and life experiences impact who we are in this life, karma takes this concept further to span your soul’s past lives.

Part of the hesitancy around understanding past life regressions is that none of us is aware of what’s happening in our subconscious in any given moment during the day. But we do have those moments where our issues and experiences mystify us.

Have you ever had déjà vu when you met someone, visited a new place, or did something? That feeling of “I know you!” or “I know this!” even though you can’t quite put your finger on how? Do you wonder why you’re here on earth? What your soul purpose is? Do you ever wonder who you were in a past life? Why you adore or feel repelled by someone?

Odds are, you have asked one or many of these questions before. That’s because you’re a spiritual being. Such experiences and musings are how your soul whispers to you that there’s more to you than you know. Those deep parts of your soul are where this knowledge resides, and this knowledge can offer healing, answers, and guidance to baffling issues in your life.

Past life regression is a holistic therapy for your body, mind, psyche, and soul, based on cause and effect (karma). Your soul (or Higher Self) is divine and indestructible. Eternal and all-knowing. A Divine spark. What happens in one of your lives carries over into your next.

You can heal and transform on the level of your soul with a past life regression online or at the healing center, often exponentially quicker and more effective than other healing modalities. You can also connect with your soul’s wisdom and the blueprint of who you are.

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