Disinterest in Studies & Family Constellation

Disinterest in Studies & Family Constellation

Case: Resolving the child’s disinterest towards his studies.


About the Client: The client Amrita approached Dr. Geetanjali with an issue that her child Avinash did not study well. She wanted to have insights into this issue and resolve the reasons that affected his studies.


Resolution: The matrix was set up with participants taking up the role of Avinash and Amrita respectively. As soon as the matrix was live, Avinash felt like he was a star (film- star) of a previous era. He was exceedingly undergrounded.


Mother Amrita too, felt like a princess. But beyond the layers of such feelings were extremely painful memories. She is an Arts graduate and a working mother but she did carry a deep-seated inferiority complex with respect to her education.


Each of these was addressed one by one and were processed and released with awareness under the expert guidance of the facilitator.


When all of this was happening, there was a significant shift in Avinash’s energies within the matrix. Further, it was revealed that Avinash was identifying with one his maternal uncle who was equally sad, depressed and felt rejected. Eventually, all identification and enmeshed energies were released.


Conclusion: When someone gets deeply impacted at a young age, an unresolved inner child is formed. These unhealed energies then, surface up or get triggered over a period of time in one’s life demanding their attention to heal it. Family Constellation is a powerful therapy where unhealed inner children can be identified and a deep healing process can be carried out.

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