A Mother, A Son, & Past Life Issues

A Mother, A Son, & Past Life Issues

Rishita came to me with an issue of her ongoing disagreement with her son, as she was not willing to fund his startup with his friend, for which he had been working on by leaving his job, although according to her he was not working instead just wasting his time and sleeping all day.


So we decided to take her into past life regression therapy to figure out the karmic connections from the past which had triggered the feud in this life


In the first session she regressed to past life where she saw herself as a man who was the head of the village during British Raj in India, he was a much-respected man in the village due to his strong morals and values.


Moving on she saw he even had a daughter who was the current life son who was rebelling against her father who was getting her married to someone who she was not interested in as she was in love with another guy but as he did belong to the Brahmin community.


Her father was against the marriage as it was against his principles and would be a shame in front of the whole village.


The daughter decided to run away from home, this bought extreme rage into the father as he was humiliated in from of his community.


As he got hold of his daughter, in a fit of rage he killed her.


As this past life unveiled itself a healing energy was introduced in the matrix and the persecutor (the father, current life mother) was asked to apologize to the victim (the daughter, current life son).


After 6 months and a few sessions later, Rishita came to me confessing that the relationship with his son had improved drastically and he was finally putting his talents to good use and was working on his startup and he even got funding from an international investment company.

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