Case study – shifting

Case study – shifting

Shristi an anxious young lady approached Dr Geetanjali to know and understand about her pattern of constantly having to move from city to city and most of the time countries due to work or many other reasons. She mentioned each time she has moved country, it was an urge, a compulsion and not that she had to!

She was again on the verge of deciding to move from where he New york to Toronto. During the consultation, there was no logical reason why each time she had relocated. At present she is well settled and well known where she is, has a good relationship and there is no apparent reason for his urge to move.

When she regressed to the past, she saw herself as a nomad who was on the quest to find himself.

He was on the path to search for the ultimate truth, he felt the only way to reach to that state of Bliss was to travel as Buddha did and Guru Nanak Ji did. She had a deep connection to the Guru without an awareness of them (even though she is not from India).

Once the healing was done, the belief was reprogrammed and he understood that the Bliss on the Guru’s face and the Grace in his life was coming from within and not a result of nomadic life, he felt healed. Tears rolling down his eyes and a sense of peace prevailed.

This therapy was done during my visit to New York and after 3 days we had a conversation via Skype. She said she had decided to take a month off and relax and reflect on her life. She mentioned, she has realized she truly has no more challenge in life and instead of stress and tension, Hope has entered her space.

Her anxiety is replaced with a new, peaceful positivism. She specifically said, I feel I am reborn. Seeing life in a completely different light and this time I have hope, not stress.

Life is truly magic if we are willing to know and heal.

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