Case Study – Insomnia

Case Study – Insomnia

Case Study :  The client Ishaan was a very ambitious person and is currently running multiple businesses. He approached Dr Geetanjali to understand and resolve his Insomnia and constant negative thoughts which were not allowing him to achieve his goals in his businesses.

Resolution : The matrix was set up with energies of the client Ishaan and his goals to get release the negative thoughts and to be able to sleep peacefully.

The matrix revealed that there was a lot of fear and there was an intense denial to acknowledge this fear.  On peeling the layers, an unhealed inner child at the age of 13 surfaced up, that felt abandoned and intense grief as his grandmother had recently passed and she was her primary caregiver. The mother was working and hence not emotionally available for the Ishaan whose emotional needs were met by his grandmother.

After the death of his grandmother he was being raised and bought up by servants and one of those servants had molested him as well as physically abused him at times. Hence he felt emotionally insecure and deprived and was under the belief that ‘I can’t trust anyone’.

With the kind of childhood Ishaan had, he felt very insecure. Insomnia got triggered when one of his close friends died in a car accident, this gruesome event triggered the thirteen-year-old inner child which was feeling insecure.

Grandmother was introduced in the matrix and as he asked her for acknowledgement, she only wished him the very best in all his endeavours. Since the emotions had deeply impacted Ishaan, catharsis was carried out and the concern was resolved holistically across dimensions.


Conclusion : All aspects of one’s life are interconnected in a mysterious way and one never knows which unhealed part could get triggered. Even though the concern here was about the success and growth of the client’s business, it was guilt and rejection in his personal life that was blocking his achievements.

Love and forgiveness are tremendously powerful emotions and it was beautiful to witness them amalgamate to dissolve strong guilt and fear. This was indeed a beautiful constellation to witness.

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