Who or what creates your world?

Who or what creates your world?

Did you know that your subconscious mind has already made a decision before you even know about it? Then your conscious mind justifies the decision that has already been made by your subconscious.

So when you ‘feel’ something is right or wrong that feeling is your subconscious mind which has already decided on the issue; then your conscious mind steps in and creates meaning about that decision.

Say for instance: you instinctively ‘feel ‘you should not walk along a certain street, the feeling lets you know that your subconscious mind which sees, hears and feels at a far deeper level than our conscious mind, has already decided it is not safe for you for whatever reason. Then, your conscious mind will look around and justify it by saying’ it is too dark’, too lonely,’ ‘too busy’, ‘too long’, ’too something’ so that it can justify what has already been decided.

That is why it is so important that you understand clearly what is in your subconscious mind – after all, it is creating your world as you know it.

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