What Is Family Constellations?

What Is Family Constellations?

Family constellation Case study !!!


About the client: Client Mr. Shailesh Chauhan approached Dr. Gittanjali Saxena in order to resolve multiple health issues and also understand the untraced mysterious reason for his son’s health especially his addictions.

((The client name is only for representation purpose to ensure confidentiality.)


Resolution: The constellation was set up with participants taking up respective roles of the client Mr. Shailesh Chauhan, reason for his ill – health and his son Sachin Chauhan.


The matrix immediately revealed a presence of a suicidal energy under the pretext of ill- health. Apparently, these suicidal energies were of his grandmother Sujata, who did commit suicide in this lifetime. For some circumstantial reasons, the client was more close to his grandmother than his mother. The bond between Shailesh and his mother was pretty much cold. There was a break in the bond between them and these were good enough reason for Sujata’s suicidal energies to get attached to Shailesh’s aura. As this was revealed, Shailesh started to feel immense pain on his left side of the body and eventually, it became numb.


Grandfather did marry another lady Krishna in this lifetime. To have a better perspective and understanding, Krishna was introduced in the matrix. In the presence of Sujata’s energy, Krishna felt extremely imbalanced, emotionally stressed and also complained of blurred vision. All of these symptoms were even reflected in the client. So, finally, Shailesh was guided to give back the energies and emotions that belonged to Krishna and Sujata respectively. To resolve this further lot of unwanted energies and emotions were released and the bond between Shailesh and his mother was established and a healthy distance was created between Shailesh and his grandmother.


Now, suddenly the energies in the matrix became dense. Under the expert guidance of the facilitator, the missing element which seemed to be at the crux of this intense, dense and extreme depression was introduced. As soon as this missing element entered the matrix, client’s son Sachin became extremely aggressive; the nature of his thought patterns was violent and distorted. This missing element seemed to be affecting the son’s energies the most.


On further investigation, the matrix revealed that this missing element was a curse bestowed upon the family lineage and was nailed at the root chakra. This was conferred upon by a lady, who in one of the past lives had an illegitimate child with one of the ancestors in that family. The ancestor in that lifetime denied this relationship and did not even acknowledge the child. The curse was very strong in nature and was directed to curb the growth of children and the coming generations in that family lineage. This was one of the reasons that resulted in Sachin’s addictions in this lifetime.


In order to resolve this, the ancestor was called upon and both the lady & the child was acknowledged and honoured. Then coming to a neutral point and mutual understating among all these energies, the curse was dissolved.

On releasing the curse, the energies in the matrix felt an instant shift and down the line, even the client shared about the positive shift in his health conditions and even in his child’s behavior.


Conclusion: Sometimes it is important to peel the layers and create a space in the matrix to allow such missing elements to reveal themselves. Family Constellation therapy is extremely effective to trace such missing elements which are powerful underlying reasons that could be responsible for creating havoc in one’s life across generations.

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