Trauma & Past Life Regression

Trauma & Past Life Regression

Kaisha came to me as she felt unhappy with her life and was dissatisfied with her husband and wanted to leave him, although she was still in love with her husband but wasn’t really at peace and was in constant search for peace and quiet in her life, she happened to come by my website and felt that I could help her out.

I decided to use past life regression to find out the deep root cause of this sadness.

As we started the session she regressed to a Shimla in 1912 as a 16-year-old girl going through labor as she looked around the room which was filthy and scrawny and there was a man there she knew was her father ( who is her current life husband), who seemed disappointed in her, as she moved further through the labor, I got her to distance herself and see the situation from outside, she saw the pale little girl with messed up hair had given birth to a stillborn, and the father even though was angry went ahead to comfort her.

I asked her to go back a little and she discovered that it was not her fault that she was pregnant, she had been raped and used to live alone with her father as her mother had died as she was a little child, we moved her into this life and even though she lived quite a satisfying life and was happy with her life, her husband was also well settled and their children were also well, she died at the age of 68 at peace.

As she came out of hypnosis, she claimed that she never got over the trauma of being raped and giving birth to a stillborn at the age of 16

After healing the past life and removing the trauma, it had a surprising effect on her life as she used to sabotage her relationships with men as she could not trust men, her relationship with her husband took a drastic turn for the good and her constant sadness which she felt didn’t have a place in her life anymore.

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