Things to Be Aware of Before Undergoing a Past Life Regression?

Things to Be Aware of Before Undergoing a Past Life Regression?

During a Past Life Regression session, the therapist asks you to lie on a comfortable bed. He or she makes you relax completely. After that, they ask you to imagine a staircase. You have to go down it. This is your past life passage.Then, you start seeing images. They are of your past life or lives.

As long as we are talking about Past Life Regression (PLR) hypnotherapy or guided meditation – the client sees the past life in an altered state, like a daydream. Some people get very vivid scenes, others ‘just know” the story, but it always comes from the subconscious mind of the client. Some psychics try to use PLR term – which in my humble opinion is a gimmick to take advantage of the popularity of past life regression and naive clients. When a psychic tells you about your past lives – this is called “past life reading” or “Akashic Records reading”, not past life regression, as regression is a hypnotherapy term.

When looking for a therapist to help you discover you past lives – make sure that the practitioner is a certified hypnotherapist, and studied past life regression with a reputable teacher or in an established school. During the session, the therapist gives your mind autosuggestion only to relax so that you can enter a trance like state of mind. This is important to awaken your subconscious because it is here that your past life is imprinted.

The therapist only suggests you to go down the stairs and encourages you to see clearly whatever is happening in your dream. Rest whatever happens in your dream is completely your past life. How will the therapist know about how you died in your past life or why you have a phobia or why a particular person is harassing you in your present life? The answers to all these are available only to you through your dreams or “scenes” that happen before you when you are in a trance like state. There are so many past life regression stories that talk of how people were healed of present life issues by knowing the truth of their past life.

You can undergo a past life regression therapy without fear. It is safe. Again, I must say that you must be in the hands of a trained and experienced therapist so that you’re past life regression course turns out successful. The point is to learn from who you were in the past and try not to make the same mistakes in your present life. All you can do is hope that your past selves are proud of who present you is becoming.

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