Tarot Card Reading Case Study: Mishika

Tarot Card Reading Case Study: Mishika

Professional Tarot Workshop – 9th 10th 11th December


This case study shows a full tarot reading with the use of 10 cards combined from major and minor arcana. The client Mishika wanted to know about her current job situation and what the future outcome would be.

I asked Mishika if she had a particular situation she was hoping to focus on or was just looking for a general reading. Mishika explained that she did have a few issues with regards to her job at the moment which would be good to see how that was going to pan out.

I placed the cards on the table face up and I like to get a feel for the cards as I lay them down and link them. The tarot reading went as follows:

I felt that Mishika was a hard worker and very good at what she does. She may be going through a bit of an emotional turmoil but the situation will resolve itself and she will be able to move on in a positive way.

Summarised Mishika’s reading by confirming that she is very successfully at what she does but a new opportunity has presented itself at work, but due to the circumstances of this resulting from a close work colleague leaving for health reasons, she is feeling guilty about taking this on and also doubts her ability to do it.  However, this is a great opportunity for her, one she will succeed at but there will be a lot of new challenges and skills to learn.  There will be a few delays whilst things are sorted and it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

Client confirmed that she works in an Accounts team and her boss, whom she is very close to, has resigned due to some health problems.  She has been asked by the Manager about taking over the role but this will mean moving up to the next step of her which she’s ready for.

After 6 months Mishika called and informed that she has gotten the promotion in her current job.

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