For a starting tarot reading, few tasks are as discouraging as truly selecting that 1st deck. There are hundreds of different Tarot decks available. Some are based on renowned design, movies, books, legends, mythology, and even movies.

Others with pride declare on their sparkly boxes that they’re not simply card cards—they are healing cards, oracle cards, wisdom cards, and all kinds of other things. Really, it can be a little overwhelming. Choose the Deck That’s Right for You. So however will a brand new person opt for a deck?

Well, it sounds terribly oversimplified, but the best thing to do is choose a deck that feels right for you. Handle the boxes. Look at them. Ask the shop owner if they have any samples you’ll be able to examine; most Pagan and Metaphysical retailers can have many loose cards lying around, although your local Big Chain Bookstore will not.

Ask friends who do tarot card reading what decks them like, and why. While looking at the decks, you can see if there’s a particular one that keeps getting your attention. Do you assume the design on the Cat folk’s deck is mystical and seductive? Perhaps the Egyptian card brings to mind some dreams you have been having of late. If there’s a certain deck that calls to you that might be the one you need to get.

It’s Fine to Buy Your Own Tarot Deck. For years, there is been a warning going around that you just should never purchase your own deck. In fact, the cautionary tale advises that you just should solely use a card deck if you have received it as a present. Quite frankly, that makes no logical sense.

If this were the case, we will be waiting for someone around many years to present us with a Tarot deck—and even then, we’d have to keep our fingers crossed that the one they picked out for us is one that resonates with us.

If you would like a card deck, leave and purchase one. It’s going to work just as well as one that someone else selected for you. In fact, it may well work out better, because it’s one you chose deliberately, rather than just being given as a present. Check to make sure you are shopping for the complete seventy eight card Cards

Do keep in mind that if you are unaccustomed tarot card, and you plan to learn Tarot reading from a book, or in a class, or from a website, most of people follow the traditional 78 card format. If you decide on a deck that bills itself as an “oracle deck” or “wisdom cards,” the cards may not correspond with the information provided in Tarot teachings.

In alternative words, if you want to learn Tarot card reading, be sure the deck you choose has the standard 78 cards. The Standard Rider-Waite Deck Is a Fine Option. Finally, if you’re really stuck, and you just aren’t sure which deck is the best one for you, it’s not a bad idea to pick up the Rider-Waite deck.

Aesthetically speaking, the Rider-Waite deck could also be lacking a small amount, however it is the one used most frequently because the illustration in card instruction books, and it’s a reasonably straightforward system to learn. Later on, when you come to know and understand the cards and their meanings on an intuitive level, then you can increase decks to your collection by adding new to them.

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