Power and Relations

Power and Relations

Join Dr Geetanjali Saxena for a Past Life Regression experiential workshop in Nagpur on the 22nd & 23rd June.

Below is a case study of workshop of Past Life Regression Mumbai.

Case Study: Mishika, a 56 year old house wife suffering with arthritis.

Current Status:

She had married twice and has one daughter (Rishita) from her first husband and one son (Rohit) from the second husband, along with her issues with her health, she was suffering from arthritis, and she even had problems connecting with her son (Rohit).

Mishika came to Dr Geetanjali Saxena in order to understand the reason for disconnect with her second child as well as her blocks to healing her arthritis.

Dr Geetanjali decided to started a past life regression therapy online and in the first session Mishika regressed to a life where she could see herself as an old crippled king of very prosperous kingdom, who was happily married with two sons, the king was generous and liked by everyone in his kingdom, he was in talks with another smaller kingdom and was looking to conquer his kingdom peacefully as he did not like bloodshed and would prefer some sort of political alliance and barter a peace deal.

The second son of the king was a celebrated warrior knight who was one of as one of the best warriors and did not like his father’s idea to garner a peace deal with the enemy kingdom instead of going to war and conquering the kingdom.

This dispute between the father and son was an ongoing conflict in the kingdom as they would never see eye to eye and would never agree with each other. Even against the second sons wishes the king took his first son and his political advisors to the enemy kingdom in order to barter a peace deal.

During this trip the enemy kingdoms king conspired to kill the king and even though the king was able to escape this attack lead to the death of the first son. As the king was able to escape and get back to his kingdom the second son demanded the king to start a war and take revenge for his brother’s death, but the king was heartbroken and felt powerless and was unable to lead a charge to war.

The refusal of the king to start a war made the second son furious and he conspired to kill the king and take over the kingdom. So he plotted and killed his father and became the King. The dying thoughts of the King were” I will never trust you again.’

This betrayal from the second son was released and a healing process was introduced into the subconscious of Mishika. During the session Mishika realised that her son Rohit was actually her second son who killed her in that life when she was King. After a few sessions Mishika’s relations with her son became better than ever and over time, and found a significant shift in her arthritis.

Past life regression therapy is a holistic therapy which helps one release diseases as diseases are predominantly the disturbance in the subconscious mind and once these disturbances are released helps to align the conscious and subconscious thereby eliminating disease.

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