Past Life Regression: Moving Forward By Looking Back

Past Life Regression: Moving Forward By Looking Back

The idea behind a past-life regression is that by exploring memories (through hypnosis), we’re able to identify a problem that has never been resolved, and by doing so, we can begin to figure out how to overcome it.

Believers in the process suggest that we carry things from our past lives into our current, and by revisiting those memories and talking through them, we can confront them, lessen the pain, and finally be able to move on.

Basically, if we are stuck in some sort of hole, a past-life regression can help us out of it—and we can be happy. People often ask why Past Lives are so important. They are important because whenever we experience an emotion, we reach back in our memory banks and remake the same decision we had when we had that feeling. Therefore, all our early decisions (therefore belief systems) were created by our past life experiences.

It is by going back and releasing the previous lives that we are able to then also release them in this life. If you’re looking to discover your life’s purpose, to find emotional and physical healing, to release your fears and to create more meaningful and loving relationships, to cultivate a deep sense of happiness and peace, to empower yourself and receive answers about your future, then past life regression is for you!

A past life regression session can help give you explanations to problems that have you stumped – whether that’s a stubborn physical ailment, a repetitive relationship pattern or just feeling like you’re not living the life you want to. In a past life regression session, you’ll be guided into a hypnotic state and helped to access your past life memories, re-experience the emotions of that time, and process what has happened so you can use the insights in your life today.

You can also have a pretty awesome sense of peace and perspective from knowing, deep down, that you lived before and will live again. Taking charge of our present and thriving into the future can mean we have to go back into the past – to clear out the clutter and let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Have you ever wondered if you had a past life? A past life regression session could answer that question, and give you new insights into your present life that help you thrive. Stressed out and wanting to shift out of a stuck place?

Rebirthing is a powerful stress management tool that takes you back to your birth, helping you release emotions from that time and to let go of fear, so you can live more of your true potential.

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