How Astrology can help you Shape your Career?

How Astrology can help you Shape your Career?

Career is a problematic field to talk about as it comes with a lot of complexities. You can be a very ambitious and hardworking person, but the right implementation needs to be pertinent at the right place for both great output and job satisfaction. It is better to take preliminary actions and preventions before getting into any job so that your future in these areas does not make you regret your previous decisions.

Astrology can help you in deciding your field of interest and the right career and education that you want. Have you found yourself thinking “Where can I find a good astrologer near me?”, then you know how astrology can help one overcome problems we face in our lives. Astrology comes as a blessing in disguise to make us aware of our inert wants and desire without any foreign or external thrust.

The factors that influence your selection of educational qualifications and the type of career include your skills, interest and competency which is usually affected by the society, norms, social and economic condition and even gender. These factors start affecting our lives from an early stage which are sometimes successful in suppressing our actual desires.

In fact, astrology is the only science which gives an exact answer to any particular query. Thus, astrology can address the problems of an individual at two levels. One, it would address at the initial level, where a native can make an informed choice. Even the busiest of people can benefit from a simple online astrology consultation.

Dr Geetanjali highlights the importance of the planets associated with different professions.

    • 1. Technical education: Those individuals with a strong influence of Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu have a strong desire to pursue technical education for their profession. Engineering and Technology are the fields covered under this section.
    • 2. Computer Education: Those with a strong influence of Mars, Venus and Jupiter are likely to pursue a career related to the world of information technology. It can be either a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Education or an IT Engineer.
    • 3. Medical Sciences: Those individuals with a strong influence of the Sun as their ruling planet have a desire to pursue a career in medicine. 6th and 12th houses of a person’s horoscope are closely associated with healing properties. Such people are closely associated with pursuing medical science as their profession. With a strong influence of Mars in addition to the Sun, the medical science aspirant is dedicated to pursuing surgery as his career. On the other hand, to excel as a General Physician, you need to have strong influential backing from Sun as well as Mercury.

These are some of the inputs from astrological findings that help in directing you towards your destiny. For more help, one can easily register for a consultation, even with the
best astrologer in Mumbai. Hope the blog helps you to specify your career path and find your own destiny.

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