Healing Karmic Contracts – The Invisible Wounds

Healing Karmic Contracts – The Invisible Wounds

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena trained under Dr. Brian Weiss (author of Many Lives, Many Masters), through the medium of Past Life Regression Therapy provides her clients with a newly inspired vantage point to work with that empowers them to be an active participant in the process of creation to resolve their problems. Malvika approached Dr. Geetanjali with an issue of a strained relationship with her 18-year-old daughter. This was just beyond the growing up teenage tantrums that were affecting Malvika. She was living in a constant fear that her daughter will go absconding resulting in panic attacks.

Malvika regressed to a lifetime where she and her husband had adopted a child. While the adoption process was completely legitimate, there arose an unseen complication. When the child turned 18, the adoption center requested them to return the child to her biological parents as she was apparently a case of a stolen child. Malvika refused to give her back. However, the year the child turned 18, she left them in search of her biological parents. It was in this trauma, she made a karmic contract to get her daughter back and will never allow going again. It was this righteous attachment to her daughter anchored in the trauma that resurfaced in her current lifetime.

Through the process of deep catharsis, these unhealthy emotions stored in the memory of the body were released and the traces of the karmic contracts across various dimensions were addressed and healed. With this, not only Malvika’s health improved, but her relationship with her daughter also grew in a healthier bond.

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