Does Astrology Work?

Does Astrology Work?

Yes, astrology really works. Its location is deep, dark, and mysterious. It is found in the farthest reaches of God’s Celestial Kingdom, and near as sunshine. Gifted to certain individuals or learned through his mighty teachers of esotericism, astrology sets forth God’s destiny for an individual in each of his Earthly lives.

It shows him where he has gone wrong and what has occurred in his past. It can even predict future events. Those who practice astrology are happy people, and more than a little mystical as they have an answer where no answer has been given before. Its hard work and scholarly, yet edifying.

Anyone who asks me to weather Astrology works I tell them to, “Visit a good astrologer and experience it yourself and you can also opt for online astrology consultation.” Any good astrologer will let you know you about your past, problems, diseases etc. Just experience it and I promise you that you will start believing in Astrology. You can visit there also.

Astrology is a phenomenon. It does not require explanation. It requires investigation, inquiry and perusal. In my Nakshatra Oracle Cards workshop I explain a simple technique to find out the days when your mood is going to be disturbed. Just check it and apply it on yourself.

Astrology is the study of the effect of celestial bodies on human emotions and life. So astrology tries to find effect the motions of celestial bodies on humans. So astrology is a type of observation. In Vedic era the great philosophers, “Rishi” and other enlightened persons tries to observe how human beings receive sorrow, failure, success etc. with time.

Clocks were not present in the Vedic era they would take at the motions of celestial bodies to determine time they would use critical calculation to relate the time to human emotions. They tried to find some patterns of similarities which links them. They wrote the similarities in the Veda’s.

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