Clinical Hypnosis & Your Anxiety Treatment: Everything You Wanted to Know

Clinical Hypnosis & Your Anxiety Treatment: Everything You Wanted to Know

The use of medical hypnosis can be tracked back to thousands of years in cultures across the world. It has been used for pain management during surgery until doctors started using anaesthesia. Nowadays, it’s used as a technique by physicians, dentists, licensed social workers, psychologists and therapists. Hypnosis has been known to help people with anything from depression to phobia to smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management and irritable bowel syndrome. Most hospitals even use it as a tool to lower pain in patients before, during and after surgery, as well as in people with severe chronic conditions or diseases.

Hypnosis is a technique in which one individual – the “subject” – is prompted by a therapist to go into deep mental relaxation, says Dr Geetanjali Saxena “The critique & judgment lowers, making individuals more receptive to suggestions & ideas”. It’s difficult to understand the exact strength of the power of hypnosis, or distinguish exactly what constitutes as a “hypnotic state.” However, brain scans indicate that brain activity changes occur during hypnosis, trials indicate the goal of hypnosis is not only mental relaxation – it’s also useful for anything from pain reduction to irritable bowel syndrome relief.

Mostly People are supposed to be vibrant, happy and creative.  But in some cases, there are stuck energy which create depression and anxiety.  That stockiness is caused by suppressed emotions.  Hypnosis aids people in getting to the deep-rooted cause of the problem.  Oftentimes there is a lot of emotional release.  That allows the person to move past the anxiety and depression.

Rajshri a client of Dr Geetanjali who would suffer from waking up every night after thirty minutes. Rajshri would wake up feeling as her chest was collapsing, she couldn’t breathe properly and would feel as if she was dying. This happened every night and gave her extreme anxiety and fear about dying that affected many other aspects of her life.

In a hypnotherapy for anxiety session, I figured there were many issues that were altogether leading her to this anxiety along with the physical symptoms. We did hypnotic subconscious along with some cognitive coaching. She doesn’t wake up after thirty minutes anymore and she does not have panic attacks during the day and doesn’t spend time worrying about dying.

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