Case Study: Tarot Card Reading

Case Study: Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading case studies are the perfect learning resource for anyone interested in teaching themselves Tarot.  These examples may also be valuable to anyone who enjoys receiving Tarot readings and wants to get more insight as to how to apply a reading to their life.

Rishima requested a reading. She wanted to know about her current job situation and what the future outcome would be. I asked if Rishima had a particular situation she was hoping to focus on or was just looking for a general reading. She explained that she did have a few issues with regards to her job at the moment which would be good to see how that was going to pan out.

I shuffled the cards whilst asking that my spirit guides come forward and assist with the reading, ensuring clarity and relevance for the areas that Rishima was requesting guidance on. I asked her to focus on her job whilst shuffling and when ready to cut them twice. I placed the cards on the table face up and I like to get a feel for the cards as I lay them down and link them.

I summarised Client’s reading by confirming that she is very successful at what she does but a new opportunity has presented itself at work, but due to the circumstances of this resulting from a close work colleague leaving for health reasons, she is feeling guilty about taking this on and also doubts her ability to do it.

However, this is a great opportunity for her, one she will succeed at but there will be a lot of new challenges and skills to learn.  There will be a few delays whilst things are sorted and it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

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