Case Study: Riddhi-Ahmedabad

Case Study: Riddhi-Ahmedabad

My name is Riddhi and I am from Ahmedabad City, Gujarat

My life has change and keeps on changing everyday thanks to Theta Healing and divine Dr Geetanjali. I am in love with the technique and the results I witness every day in myself and in all of my clients and students. Theta healing therapy has changed my life completely and I keep on changing daily, doing work on myself and others.

A great door has opened new possibilities for me and many others. Now I don’t live in the drama that I used to live. I am calm, happy and healthy and this really has made a huge difference in my life. I know things now that I did not know existed and to be in contact all the time with myself and the world around me it´s so marvellous and great. This is a never ending tool for my life and I am so grateful to Creator for he has put me on.

I learned to live my life in gratitude now, in my body and my world. I love Theta healing, all the people involved.

Thank you God.

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