Case Study: Inner Child Healing

Case Study: Inner Child Healing

Issue: Karan, 30 years complained that whenever he tried to enjoy himself at a party or at a social gathering, there would be an inner voice ringing in his head and constantly saying, “Don’t waste time. Get back to work.” He said he was much focused and a dedicated worker, still he never felt he was doing enough. He was excelling still felt never satisfied with his progress.

Resolution: He was taken into a deep hypnotic trance. And regressed to his childhood. There he saw an event where his father was angry and upset with his average performance and constantly saying “Don’t waste time. Get back to work”. This happened every time his father saw him watching TV or reading comic books. This created an “Inner Child” in him which was never satisfied with his performance. The voice he heard within was of his father.

Following the steps of Inner Child Healing, this issue was resolved. After two months, Karan reported of feeling lighter and being able to enjoy himself at social gatherings too. Our inner child keeps us bonded and creates boundaries which can be unhealthy for our own growth.

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