Case Study: Inner Child Healing- Mitisha

Case Study: Inner Child Healing- Mitisha

Issue: Mitisha (40) came to me with the issue of premature menopause. She wanted to conceive a 2nd child after she had a girl child the first time but was not able to conceive. She consulted many experts, doctors yet there was no significant progress. When the client came to me I agreed to work on the case but also gave her a word of caution since the medical treatment had failed I cannot guarantee to conceive, but was certain for a significant shift. 

Resolution: She was taken into a deep hypnotic trance and regressed to her early 20’s. The client had started identifying with her grandmother who passed away 15-20 years back. Also the client felt extremely angry towards the father. 

The client also said she experienced excruciating pain while delivering her child in 2010 and it had created inner child issues who was not ready to conceive again. The client’s grandmother had faced similar instances where she delivered a daughter and a son after 15 years gap i.e. at the age of  40.

Following the steps of Inner Child Healing, this issue was resolved. The entanglement was released and immediately after the 1st session the client felt nauseous and had bouts of diarrhoea and similar symptoms were felt by the client’s husband. We continued the treatment via Skype. This was followed by further 4-5 sessions of Inner Child Therapy.

Our inner child keeps us bonded and creates boundaries which can be unhealthy for our own growth. Inner Child Workshop -14th to 15th November – Mumbai .

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