Case Study: Family Constellation

Case Study: Family Constellation

Gerhard (a client from Germany) visited Dr Geetanjali Saxena in order to understand his inherent chronic anxiety to be investigated and energetically resolved through Family Constellation therapy.

Family Constellation matrix was setup to investigate and understand the reason causing all of this. The matrix was set up with participants playing the role of Gerhard and his core sentence. The core sentence of Hubert said, “I feel like a lost child.” The participant playing Gerhard claimed he feels he is 23 – 26 years old and feels betrayed.

Gerhard agreed that when he was 25 years old and was in a relationship with Harlow, who left him for another man and betrayed him. The participant playing the core sentence felt that he is about 11 years old and is feeling lost. The participant wanted to go close to his mother but was unable to.

As we introduced another participant with the mother’s energies, she claimed to feel depressed and out of place. She felt rotten and extremely controlled. I feel I do not belong here.

(Gerhard told us that his Mother was from Poland and she was kicked out of the country. She came to Germany and got married. But she was never accepted and she felt that her husband was a control freak. This entire trauma resulted in her committing suicide by consuming sleeping pills. This event took place when Hubert was 11 years old.)

We released the trauma of losing her; with an understanding that it was her journey and reconcile and connect to the mother.

Conclusion: Health issues sometimes have their roots ingrained in past life and you could be carrying them in current lifetime due to various karmic/unresolved reasons. Such times, it is extremely important to thoroughly investigate and resolving it energetically helps to bring a shift in one’s current physical existence.

If this resonates with you and you too have some unresolved issues and interested in family constellation therapy in Mumbai , you are welcome to contact Dr Geetanjali Saxena on +91 9322127722 or write to us at and we will assist you in resolving it.


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