Case Study Anuprita – Mozambique

Case Study Anuprita – Mozambique

Anuprita and her husband Vikas who were running an extremely successful ancestral business approached Dr Geetanjali to understand irrational hindrances that were cropping up in their business and also causing a rapid downfall in Anuprita’s health. This was a classic case of Ancestral Disconnect and I decided to use Past Life Regression as a modality to find out the underlying cause and the related karma which triggered this problem in Anuprita’s and Vikas.

In the first session, Anuprita saw herself in the middle of an ocean, feeling extremely suffocated with nauseating stink all around her. She was a male who was tied with chains to other males. It seemed like a 17th-century era and she was a victim of feudal slavery that seemed to exist between the East Coast of Africa to North America. This was extremely traumatic and this got triggered in this lifetime after their visit to Mozambique, in an attempt to expand their ancestral business 6 months ago.

The karmic balance of the life was understood and the client got an understanding. This was the root cause of all her symptoms. Through the process of catharsis layers of trauma embedded across generations into the ancestral lineage was released across multiple sessions and this memory of being uprooted from the rightful sovereign was healed. The client reported back to being healthy and all the irrational hindrances seem to disappear and business began to flourish once again.

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