Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

There are countless benefits of undergoing a Past Life Regression Therapy. Here are a few:


  1. Clearing/ Healing Trauma: Of course, our past lives have a lot of hidden trauma within which is affecting our present life. When this trauma is encountered in therapy, it is processed and those unhealed emotions get healed.


  1. Invoking the hidden Creativity & Talents: Past Life Regression Therapy helps you to uncover your creativity and talents which are hidden under the debris of trauma and unprocessed emotions. Once, these are released, you are once again in touch with the creative self.



  1. Re-writing Past-Life Contracts: Part of our karma involving another person may stem from a promise or agreement made in a past life with that person, such as “I’ll never leave you.” After contacting the lifetime where the contract originated, the past life practitioner, together with an Inner Guide of the client (usually the Higher Self) ascertains whether there exists any outstanding debt or obligation if so performing an appropriate atonement, and then revising the contract in a way most supportive of the client’s present needs.


  1. Processing Karmic Cycles: PLR therapy definitely helps you complete your karmic cycles and ascend towards your evolution of the soul. It brings in a lot of peace as well as wisdom which can be integrated into your consciousness as well.

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