August 2019 Astrology and the Invincible Sun

August 2019 Astrology and the Invincible Sun

All you need know on the August 2019 Astrology, see the weekly predictions on YouTube  that are now posted. It always such brings me pleasure to be able to write Predictions. We have a Joyous New Moon in Leo.  Square to Uranus, tinging the golden Leo aura with outer-planetary indigo rays.

The Moon works for flamboyant art, love or lifestyle decisions, Of course, they’re not that sudden in reality. They were percolating all through the Mercury Retrograde. New Moons is a fantastic times to merge ego and psyche, will and intuition. It’s particularly the case with an ultra-Moon like this.

Raise the volume in the house where you have Leo or anything in aspect to 8 degrees of an important point in your birth chart. The August 2019 Astrology is enlivened by Jupiter exact on the Great Attractor all month. It crosses this weird point of the galaxy every 12 years but usually spends only a few days there. 

What does it mean? It’s hypothetical, as it’s not really a studied scenario, but I think it’s going to accentuate attraction and repulsions. People who were vaguely avoiding one another will accelerate that process or circumstances will do it for them. And others who are coming together will do so at warp speed.

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