A Spiritual Tool Of Astrology- Fasting

A Spiritual Tool Of Astrology- Fasting

Fasting is related to the process of digestion. According to Astrology, when we eat a lesser amount of food, it helps to raise our planetary positions for the day. When we take a resolve to fast, we are also strengthening our mind from temptation which otherwise is an impossible task.

Our eating habits are connected to the 2nd house and 12th house is the house of fasting. In fact, fasting is the best remedy for the 12th house of loss. Moreover, when a person observes fast for its ruling planet it’s following all the rituals, it helps to overcome relationships problems and loss in business or property etc.

No doubt, food is the basic necessity for human beings to survive. But food only satisfies our hunger but fasting brings deep relaxation to our inner soul and purifies our mind. In fact, we should use the day of fasting for self-study and inner exploration by meditation. However, it is very necessary to follow all the aspects and rituals of fasting.

Vrata is a practice of austerity often undertaken as a religious belief to please Lord. It includes several religious factors such as fasting, praying, the charity with certain regulations on eating, drinking etc. It is basically a diet trend that people often consider as a powerful remedy to overcome obstacles in life.

According to Hindu mythology, fasting is the most important religious activity for the accomplishment of any desire or task. It may include various aspects of life such as health, property issues, career, business, the flow of income, legal matters etc. However, one who is observing fast is bound to follow every aspect of it otherwise it might affect you negatively.

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