A 10 Card Tarot Reading on the Coronavirus

A 10 Card Tarot Reading on the Coronavirus

Every year I travel to Newark USA along with my mother to meet my brother’s and their families during the month of May, this year I had even more reason to as we also had a scheduled family function in May itself.


Back in January as I was about to book my tickets to the United States, I consulted my cards to guide me if it’s the best time for me to travel and book my tickets.


I make it a point to consult the cards before any travel decision or any major decisions and follow what the cards are guiding me towards.


Following this tradition I did a Tarot Reading for myself and my cards indicated that I should not travel to United States in the month of May. Hence I decided not to travel as the cards were indicating it’s not safe to travel and I told my brother’s that I will not be visiting them this year in May 2020, today we’re March I’m glad that I did not book the tickets and today in March 2020 everyone is aware of the global pandemic COVID 19 because of which it’s not safe to travle and all airlines have stopped their services


This solidifies my trust and faith on the guidance of the divine Tarot, and I’m hoping all of you are inspired by my story.


Although the cards can’t explicitly say the reason why not to do something or do something, just like in this example the Tarot cards were indicating it’s not safe to travel, but now it has become clear to me that why that prediction was accurate and timely guidance helped me to save a lot of money.


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