August 2017

Healing Modality Used: Family Constellation with Past Life

Dr. Gittanjali Saxena came across a very interesting case while doing a family constellation therapy and decided to share it with all of you This was the first time in her 15 years of experience of therapy divine master from the fourth realm decided to visit this matrix the first I heard of such a […]

Holistic Healing – Happy Client

A client came to me with hormonal imbalance the client was suffering from thyroid as well as PCOD So I decided to work on her thyroid only So In the matrix we decided to put two energies one energy was the clients and the other was of the hormonal imbalance The energy of the client […]

How The 1947 Partition is Still Affecting Our Lives

Rishi came to me with an issue of a moribund business, he had been facing this stagnancy issue in his business for the past 6 years, although he had tried a lot of different ways to boost his business by marketing and by changing the staff, change of business strategy as well as a lot […]