Best Tarot Card Workshop in Mumbai

Best Tarot Card Workshop in Mumbai

Tap into your Subconscious with Tarot

For those who are keen to learn the art and science of tarot card reading, the tarot card workshop conducted at the Institute of Holistic Sciences, Mumbai is the best venue. Established by Dr. Geetanjali Saxena, a renowned Wellness Expert, and Therapist, the institute strives to deliver the benefits of various alternate and spiritual therapies to those in need of healing. With a rich experience of over 2 decades, Dr. Saxena has also trained many professionals in the field of Tarot Readings, Astrology, Reiki, Holistic Healing for proliferating harmony and compassion in society.

Tap into your Subconscious with Tarot

While encountering day-to-day situations, our conscious mind is always playing a dominant role. But there is a wealth of intuition, instincts, and memories in our subconscious that can help us navigate life better. Tarot Cards provide a means of transcending into this subtler realm to derive life lessons and a deeper understanding of who we are, and what our purpose is. Given how our subconscious mind communicates via symbols and images, the Tarot has been rightfully termed as the ‘alphabet of the subconscious mind’. Whether you wish to learn the art of tarot reading as a hobby or master the same as a profession, there are different workshops conducted for beginners, intermediary learners as well as advanced courses. 

A Tool for Divination

Tarot is not merely a deck of 78 cards with different images. In one of Aristotle’s most famous quotes, “The soul never thinks without an image”, the underlying significance of images can be perceived. This mystical system with its multitude of symbols and images, penetrates every layer of the human subconscious, thereby enabling self-exploration and providing answers to pressing questions. Many of our reflex reactions, complexes, deep-rooted prejudices, desires, and motives can be explained with these mystical cards. Yet another way to describe the tarot deck is the journey of a hero through life. The various trials and tribulations, highs, and lows are symbolized through the multitude of imagery on the cards. As you master the art of tarot card reading with these workshops, it will become clearer to you how the different barriers to one’s potential or happiness can be anticipated and overcome with insightful tarot readings. Remember, each card in the deck can be interpreted in multiple dimensions- symbolic, numerological, energetic, elemental, spiritual, etc. An intuitive tarot card reader should be well-versed with the correct interpretation of these mystical symbols and images, based on the seeker, situation, and his/her life journey so far.

Learn from the Expert! 

Mastery over Tarot Card Reading requires the right instincts, keenness to explore inner depths, and a spiritual bent of mind. But more than anything else, you need to seek guidance from a certified expert. Dr. Geetanjali Saxena has garnered rave reviews as an accomplished Tarot Card Reader and Trainer. Remember, learning from just any place won’t take you the distance because you need to learn it from someone who has mastered it in the first place. If you wish to attend the best tarot card workshop in Mumbai, feel free to get in touch with the team at the Institute of Holistic Sciences.

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