Case Study – Family Constellation

A client came to me with a complaint of severe knee pain. I took her for a Family constellation Therapy. The person who was playing her role in Family Constellation regressed to a past life where the client was a servant and to an evil master.The master would sacrifice children for his selfish motive. The […]

Case Study for Past Life Regression Therapy

A client came to Dr. Gittanjali Saxena with the issue that he was unable to achieve his goals in life and he wanted me to help him understand the reason why he was not able to achieve the goals. We started a regression session with  the client in which the client regressed an inner child […]

Family Constellation

Kanika has been facing financial issues for a long time. Not that she is penurious; just the contrary in fact. Yet it seems that she is born into a family which is fighting financial karma. Her father, who had a good business left them all to remarry. Her mother, a housewife, barely has any savings. […]

Case Study – Family Constellation

This client called me form the USA. she has severe pain in her elbow so much so as she could not even bend it. Although the client was physically not present here I worked on the matrix with the client and her elbow pain. What came up was her angry personality which was extremely angry […]

Past Life Regression: Key to Understanding Relationships

We have lived many lives together with the people whom we are around, though the relationship we share with them may be different. For instance, your wife in this life may be your best friend in some other lifetime. Souls come back together for many reasons. It could be a strong emotional connection or a […]

Case Study – Past Life Regression

A client came to Dr. Gittanjali on 26th March 2017 with the issue of excruciating back pain since last 10 years, she had visited a lot of Doctors but did not find much relief. Dr. Gittanjali after consulting the client decided to use Past Life Regression as the tool to help the client. When the client […]

The Power of Thoughts

One day, a yogi and his disciple arrived in the big city. They had no money with them, but they needed food and a place to stay. The disciple was sure that they were going to beg for their food, and sleep in the park at night. “There is a big park not far from […]