Get control of your life with Family Constellation Therapy

Get control of your life with Family Constellation Therapy

Quite often we come across issues that are not your own doing. You seem helpless when faced with these issues. No matter how hard you try to get out of the situation or to rectify it, either there is no change or it becomes more complex rather than getting resolved. These issues could be in the form of unknown depression, long illnesses, relationship troubles, etc. Quite often it is seen that the origin of these issues does not lie with the person who is
suffering, rather it lies in the family history. Hence, if this issue can be tackled rightly, then the issue at hand can also be easily rectified. This is where Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) comes into play.
Developed by Bert Hellinger in the ’90s, the FCT is one of the latest methods that has found acceptance across the globe as a healing technique. During his 15-year long stay with the Zulu tribes in Africa, Bert realized that these tribes depended a lot on their spiritual ceremonies involving their ancestors to resolve a host of complex issues in hand. This led him to explore the role and effect of ancestors on our lives thus paving the way to the creation of the family constellation therapy.
During a family constellation workshop, the FCT expert assigns roles to volunteers with no knowledge of the seeker or their issues. Then the expert lets the family dynamics to proceed until a resolution to the issue is found. Depending on the complexity of the issue at hand, more than one such family constellation workshop sessions may be needed. Since the Family Constellation Therapy assumes that the way one thinks, behaves, or even suffers
today has a direct relationship with something that has already occurred in the family history, a family constellation workshop aims and attempts to identify that issue and resolve it.
However, it must be noted here that to undergo a successful family constellation therapy or to conduct an effective family constellation workshop, the expert needs to be extremely qualified and experienced. One such expert in India is Dr. Geetanjali Saxena of the Institute of Holistic Sciences, Mumbai. With years of experience and expertise in Family Constellation Therapy, she has already treated many sufferers from their issues.
So, if you believe that there is something in your life that seems to be beyond your control or is not your doing, then it is time to reach out to Dr. Saxena. After all, why should you continue to suffer for things beyond your control?

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