Case Study- Anxiety, Past Life Regression and Power of Karma

Case Study- Anxiety, Past Life Regression and Power of Karma

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena trained under Dr. Brian Weiss, strongly believes in the power of Karma and has been on this journey of spreading Past Life Regression work all over. Below mentioned is a synopsis of how Past Life Regression helps.


Aarav was suffering from severe anxiety, OCD, fear of death, fear of hurting/killing another person. Causing another human to suffer any pain/grief.


We started a regression session for Aarav to identify the root cause of his issues, as he regressed into a past life he saw himself in Third Reich (Nazi Germany) he saw himself as a general of German Schutzstaffel he held the position of Oberf├╝hrer and was responsible for the extermination of the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.


His irrational fear of hurting or killing people was addressed by visiting the actual past life, during the healing phase of the session his soul was given his insight that his current fear indeed is associated with a past life when killing was part of the life.

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