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Day: September 8, 2017

A Happy Client Across the Overseas

A Happy Client Across the Overseas

A client came to me with an issue of cancer and we did a constellation for the client and 3 representatives were chosen one to be the client and the other two was life and death of the client

The clients representative started feeling a lot of pain and the representatives of the life showed symptoms of a headache and a desire to follow and the representative of death felt was feeling a lion in his head and was feeling dark and shadowy a fourth representative was put to representative was put whom the representative of life wanted to follow and a fifth representative of cancer was introduced so the representative of cancer and ancestors a great bond the client felt a strange kind of heaviness and drowsiness and just wanted to sleep the representative of death said that he is carrying a lot of guilt and since constellations are transgenerational it went that the symptom of
cancer reported that its job is to see people die and on probing it was discovered that the constellation was regressed to the time to Germany during the Nazi rule.

The sixth representative was introduced of the victims who died during that time, Cancer said that he does not have any sympathy towards the victim and the representative of life felt that his father worked with the Nazis to kill Jews in the concentration camp and the life went and stood beside the ancestor it was now understood that the client had carried the guilt of killing the Jews which his father was not ready to accept this burden of guilt was given back to the father and truth statements were spoken and immediately cancer and ancestors felt lighter and started to move
away from the matrix.

The client expressed his love to the father who left the healing matrix and the representatives of death walked away and the client embraced the representative of life

The client is a foreign national and stays in Europe very close to Germany

The client completely resonated to the unfolding of the events of the constellation

The session was done through skype

This will be followed by some more sessions for the client

I am a firm believer of skype session as distance healing can be accepted through skype