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Day: September 6, 2017

Family Constellations Therapy to Enlighten Your Life

Family Constellations Therapy to Enlighten Your Life

Each one of us, residing on this planet is eventually a mass of energy. We are all connected energetically. As a tribe, we are further bound and connected through genetics, culture, events, and trauma. While we inherit physical characteristics and traits through DNA, we also inherit behavior, emotional and social patterns of disruptions through trauma. Thus, there are layers of subtle connections among one generation to the next in the complex framework of family systems.

The field of ‘Epigenetic’ has revealed that psychological effects have been found to be more powerful in controlling the genes (DNA) in human beings. Human beings are driven very strongly by their subconscious mind. Sub- conscious mind is like an operating warehouse that stores and creates patterns which in turn guides the conscious mind. Most times, the conscious mind fails to understand this pattern and is incapable at pinpointing the root from where a peculiar thinking or a behavior pattern emerges. Since all the roots are deeply embedded in the sub-conscious mind. Therefore, if a problem has to be traced to the root level it must go beyond this conscious mind, right at the subconscious level.

Human beings from eons have survived by being in a tribe. This was the basis when the primitive men began to live in groups. Thus, forming their tribes which further evolved into countries and so on. So, subconsciously this ‘belongingness’ to the tribe remains at the heart of the survival instinct. Hence, children remain loyal to the family traditions. This loyalty works invisibly in their lives, creating family bonds and forces carried on from generations to generations. Thus, children may even take on several destructive family patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, and guilt. In some cases, they may even take up illness as a way of ‘belonging’ to their families.

This is where a modality like Family Constellation can help uncover and resolve these underlying invisible patterns and dynamics of this sub-conscious mind. It traces back to the family of origin, present and even to the ancestral past. With this healing modality, it is possible to bring forth a newer perspective that helps to dissipate these emotions of anxiety, fear, pain and much more. This helps in creating a positive ripple effect in resolving systematic, ancestral family entanglements and personal relationship issues. The representatives in the energy matrix tap into these underlying dynamics of the client’s family system to which they belong and thereon, the information becomes available to these participants. This is where the constellation evolves to show newer possibilities and brings forth the core issues.

This method was introduced and developed in mid-1990’s by a German psychotherapist and family therapists by the name of Bert Hellinger, who was also a former Catholic Priest.

This is an exciting and effective healing therapy that is an alternative to traditional counseling which has its healing effects at a deeper level of the mind. This modality is also referred to as ‘Movements of the Soul’