One More Satisfied Customer with Positive Experience

One More Satisfied Customer with Positive Experience

A client came to me with hormonal imbalance the client was suffering from thyroid as well as PCOD

So I decided to work on her thyroid only

So In the matrix we decided to put two energies one energy was the clients and the other was of the hormonal imbalance

The energy of the client reported that she was extremely tired and was feeling sleepy and drained out

The person who represented the hormonal imbalance reported a feeling of being extremely worked up and taking up unnecessary responsibility

The energy of the client that she was feeling two emotions fear of losing as well as guilt

On further exploration it was found that the client feared the death of her mother and the guilt was that she had not paid enough attention to the child

A lot of work was done on the fear of losing the mother and it was found that the mother was the past life lover of the client whom she had rejected in the past life and the client in that past life had committed suicide

So in this life when the mother was diagnosed with a life threatening disease so the fears of the client of losing the mother triggered the past life personality who had lost the mother

The client in the role of the lover had died due to hanging and a lot of energy was released from the neck

So truth statements were spoken and suppressed anger towards the mother was vented out  the matrix was resolved in the constellation

This will be followed by four to five more constellation for the thyroid imbalance.

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